About Me

Learning about the markets is quite the journey...but a very rewarding one!

I am both a CFA Charterholder and a Chartered Professional Accountant. I have been investing and trading for almost a decade now. This is something I have a tremendous passion for and have dedicated a lot of time to financial education, trading courses, and taking the full plunge in trading various asset types over the years.

During this process you not only learn about the markets and strategies for growing your wealth, but you also learn a lot about yourself. 

I created this site because when I started trading several years ago it took me a very long time to find the necessary info in setting up the actual means for which to start. Let me explain. I had started with one broker for investing but then learned a trading strategy for more advanced strategies with other asset types, however, I wasn't sure about setting up the software. Specifically, I wanted to know what many other traders were using, what was a great broker, what platforms are best and what is all this mumbo jumbo of multiple data feeds. I was going through various sites, reading forum posts from hundreds of people on online brokers, trading platforms, data feeds and then started getting confused with how to combine all these things into one package to create the best trading desk from which I could trade at home.

To be clear - this isn't a general review site. I only review specific brokers and platforms...

After my research, I compiled what I found to be the top brokers and the best trading software. On this site, you will only see me review options that I think are worth pursuing in setting up your trading workstation when taking the plunge into the trading world. As my site grows I will add a few more reviews (you will see some options currently do not have detailed reviews as of yet). But my goal is not to grow this site in terms of adding more and more brokers/platforms as that would defeat the purpose of reducing time in your selection process.

Anyone in the industry that approaches me to review their service/products I will be holding them to a high regard - only if I believe they offer something great and unique will I talk about it here.

I will be providing more content in terms of things you MUST HAVE when starting out and other items you should consider. Getting the proper education for this is important. As Warren Buffett says, the best investment is one in yourself. Take the time to get properly educated in any securities you wish to invest in or trade. In the end it will save you both time, money and financial stress.